Daikin Ceiling Cassette A2 & C Series

Daikin Air Surround Ceiling Cassette A2 & C Series

Negative Ionizer Feature
The Ion Generator In Daikin Air-Surround Ceiling Cassette which releases negative ion shower to create refreshing environment resembling nature itself.

It sterilizes the air by removing mold and fungus from sources such as leaves, wood, paper and even dirt. It then moisturizes the sterilized air.

Auto Random Restart
In the event of a sudden power failure during operation, unit can be automatically restarted from last setting condition. This eliminates the need to restart manually after each power failure.

High Efficiency Hydrophilic Fin
It encourages condensation of water. The condensated water moves easily to the drain pan thus enhancing the cleanliness and lifespan of the cooling coil.

Built-in-Starter (BIS)
Protect air conditioner from overcurrent condition due to malfunctioning of internal parts. This will prolong the unit’s lifespan (1 – 2.5HP only).

Exclusive 4-Way Air Flow And Auto Air Swing
This feature is complemented by the powerful Turbo Mixed Flow Fan, cools remarkably fast and evenly to deliver extraordinary cooling efficiency.

Dry Mode Operation (Dehumidifying Operation)
Start with cooling to dehumidify and keeps the room dry without much change in temperature.

Forced On/Off Operation
This feature enables you to operate the unit even if the remote controller is misplaced or the remote’s battery is weak. Preset at 24ºC cool mode, just press the forced on button for instant cooling comfort.

Built-In High Head Drain Pump
The unit comes with a built-in high head drain pump up to 700mm. A safety float is incorporated in the drain pump to monitor its water level.

Compact and easy-to use controller

  • Prominent temperature display
  • Real-time clock display
  • Easily accessible buttons

Slim Wired Controller (Optional)
The unit also offers an optional wired controller upon your special requirement.

  • Dedicated buttons for Quiet and Turbo functions
  • Key lock function (DSLM8 only)
  • Real-time timer (For DSLM8: 7 days option, 2 events daily)
  • Self Diagnosis System
  • The advanced Daikin Air-Surround is an intelligent air-conditioner with its own self-diagnosis system to detect any malfunction and is indicated through the blinking LED lights.

  • Coil Anti-Freeze Control
  • The unit has a self protection system that prevents it from coil frosting. This protects and extends the compressor life span.

  • 5 Years Warranty
  • The outstanding Daikin Air-Surround comes with 5 years warranty on the 1.0 – 2.75hp compressor.

  • The Trusted Name In Air-Conditioning
  • This unprecedented innovation is brought to you by Daikin – the trusted name in air-conditioning for quality and reliable after-sales-service. With a nationwide service network. Daikin is ever ready to take you to a new dimension in cooling comfort.