Daikin VRV IV

Daikin VRV IV System

The new VRV IV air-conditioning system now features VRT technology.

VRT Technology
VRT automatically adjusts refrigerant temperature to individual building and climate requirement, thus further improving annual energy efficiency and maintaining comfort. With this technology, running costs are reduced.

Selecting VRT enables operation to be optimised for either energy efficiency or rapid cooling.

Improved Performance of VRV IV

  • Higher Performance for Energy Saving
  • Higher Comfort Better Efficiency
  • Low Operating Sound
  • Ease of Installation
  • Space Saving Compact Design

Energy Reduction
During cooling, compressors work less, and this reduces power consumption.

Improved Heat Exchanger
Improve performance by increasing heat exchanger area while maintaining the same installation space.

Automatic Sequencing Operation
During start-up, Daikin VRV IV unit sequencing operation will be automatically enabled to ensure balanced operation of each outdoor unit to improve longevity of equipment and stable operation.

Efficient Automatic Test Operation

  • Automatically checks the wiring between outdoor units and indoor units to confirm whether there is a defective wiring.
  • Confirms and corrects the actual piping length.
  • Automatically check whether the stop valve in each outdoor unit is in normal status to ensure the smooth operation of air conditioning system.

Improve reliability at high ambient temperature
It is possible to cool the inverter power module stability even at high ambient temperature. This helps to keep air-conditioning capacity and also reduces failure ratio.

Applicable For Commercial and Industrial Use
A mixed combination of VRV indoor units and residential indoor units is enabled all in one system. Opening the door to stylish and quiet indoor units.

Daikin VRV Indoor Unit

Wide range of indoor units

Daikin VRV IV Model

VRV IV outdoor unit offers higher capacity of up to 60 HP