Mitsubishi KXZ VRF System

Mitsubishi KXZ VRF

The new Mitsubishi KXZ VRF system is a inverter air-conditioner multi-system that provides installation flexibility and delivers high performance cooling in our hot climate. The KXZ product line combines up to 3 outdoor units for up to 60hp.

The KXZ air conditioning system allows the installation of exposed and concealed indoor units to match your cooling requirements. Available in KXZ Mirco, KXZ Lite, KXZE1 and KXZXE1.

  • High Efficiency & Compact Design
  • Multiport compressor that achieves high efficiency (KXZ, KXZ Lite).

  • Improved Heat-exchanger
  • Heat exchanger has improved refrigerant distribution and increased effectiveness.

  • Variable Temperature and Capacity Control (VTCC)
  • For normal operations and energy-saving operations.

  • Design Flexibility
  • A range of 17 types of exposed or concealed indoor units available in a wide range of capacities.

  • Designed For Easy Service
  • All series includes new feature to assist with servicing and trouble shooting.

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