Panasonic CS-C24CTH

Panasonic CS-C24CTH

Panasonic CS-C18CTH air-conditioner is a single split unit type air-conditioner, which can be mounted on the ceiling or on the floor. Commonly referred to as the ceiling type in Kota Kinabalu, and can be found in many commercial buildings and offices. Ideally suited for use in offices, or commercial space, as it does not need to be mounted on a wall. It can also be installed on the floor, and provide effective cooling for the space.


This floor & ceiling air-conditioner comes in 2 models; CS-C18CTH, 2.0hp and CS-C24CTH, 2.5hp.
It has odour-removing functions, soft dry operation mode and 24 hours ON & OFF timer setting. You can control the air-flow direction, and has sleep mode.

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