Panasonic CS-C9KKH

Panasonic Eco Sense i2 series non-Inverter air-conditioning system has many of the features and benefits of their Inverter air-conditioning system. Nature-inspired design, gracefully lines to match your home or office, and has the intelligence (Eco-Patrol and Patrol Sensor) to minimize energy use while providing a consistent supply of cool, clean air.

The Panasonic Eco Sense i2 Deluxe series is a single-split unit type of wall mounted air-con. Ranging from 1 hp to 3.0 hp, in 5 available models. This range of Air-cond with are energy efficient and you save up to 20% of energy consumption. See table below for details and models available in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Btu/HrHPDeluxeDeluxe WideExclusive Features
9,0001.0CS-C9KKHEco Patrol
12,0001.5CS-C12KKHAdvance Plus e-ion Air Purifying System
18,0002.0CS-C18KKHPatrol Sensor

Exclusive Features

Eco PatrolEnjoy uninterrupted cooling and energy savings of up to 20%. Monitors activity levels and adjusts room temperature.
Patrol Sensor Detects the level of dust particles in the air and releases e-ions.
e-ion Air Purifying System Cleans the air of dust and harmful micro-organisms.