Panasonic S10KKH

Panasonic CS-S10KKH

Panasonic Eco Sense i2 series is the latest in Intelligent Inverter air-conditioning system. Inspired by nature, the design of Panasonic’s new range of air-conditioners are built with gracefully lines to match your interior, and has the intelligence to minimize energy use while providing a consistent supply of cool, clean air.

The Panasonic Inverter Deluxe series is a single-split unit type of wall mounted air-con. Ranging from 1 hp to 2.5 hp, with 5 available models. Air-cond with Inverter technology enables you to save up to 60% of energy consumption. See table below for details and models available in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Air-Con Models

Btu/HrHPInverter DeluxeInverter Deluxe WideExclusive Features
10,0001.0CS-S10KKHInverter Control
13,0001.5CS-S13KKHEco Patrol
15,0001.75CS-S15KKHAdvance Plus e-ion Air Purifying System
18,0002.0CS-S18KKHPatrol Snesor
24,0002.5CS-S24KKHMild Dry Cooling

Inverter Technology

The Panasonic Intelligent Inverter air conditioners delivers exceptional energy-saving performance, saving up to 50% in electricity consumption. After reaching the set temperature, an Inverter air-con continually adjusts compressor rotation speed to operate with minimal power, unlike an non-inverter air-con which operates on an ON-OFF cycle to maintain the temperature. The Intelligent Inverter delivers optimum performance, it is able to cool the room quickly, maintain the set temperature more cost-efficiently. It can cool a room 1.5 times faster than non-inverter models.

Benefits Of Intelligent Inverter Technology

  • Optimum Cooling Performance
  • Cost-Efficient, More Savings
  • Eco-Friendly, Consumes Less Energy
  • More Precise Temperature and Even Air-flow
  • Advance Ion Air Purifying System

Eco Patrol

The Eco Patrol feature is activated via the remote control. What this does is the Eco Patrol sensor will detect the presence of people and their activities in a room and adjust the temperature accordingly. Even if you leave the air-con running, this alone can save you up to 20% in electricity costs. The Eco Patrol can Detect, Analyze and Adjust the room temperature to provide maximum savings and maximum comfort. Combined with the Intelligent Inverter technology of Panasonic CS-S10KKH Inverter Deluxe models, you can save up to 60% in electricity costs.

e-ion Air Purifying System

Panasonic air-conditioners can purify the air as it cools the room, with the built-in air purifying system. As soon as the Patrol Sensor detects the level of dust particles above the healthy level, e-ions are released to clean the air. Cleaner, healthier environment. Detects dust in the air, releases e-ions to clean the air of more than 99% of air-borne harmful micro-organisms – bacteria, viruses and mould. The e-ion filter attracts and traps dust particles effectively.

Highest 5-Star Energy Efficiency Rating

Panasonic air conditioners attained the highest 5-Star energy efficiency classification by Malaysia Energy Commission. The comparative ranking of air-conditioners was based on the results of energy performance tested by SIRIM.