Panasonic Econavi Senses And Self-Adjusts, Save Energy

Panasonic Econavi CS_S10NKH

Panasonic Econavi is the latest in Intelligent Inverter air-conditioning system, available in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Econavi features intelligent human activity detection and new sunlight detection technologies that can sense and reduce waste by optimizing air-conditioner operation according to room conditions.

Panasonic Econavi CS-S10NKH Exceptional Energy Saving

  • Human activity detection
  • Sunlight detection
  • Self adjusts and reduce power consumption
  • Constant Comfort
  • Quick Cooling
  • Mild Dry Cooling

Panasonic Econavi CS-S10NKH area detection

Panasonic Econavi Air-Con Models

Btu/HrHPInverter DeluxeExclusive Features
10,0001.0CS-S10NKHInverter Control
Sunlight sensor
15,0001.75CS-S15NKHHuman activity detection,
Self-adjust airflow and cooling power

Benefits of Panasonic Econavi Inverter

Econavi Intelligent Inverter
Panasonic Econavi intelligent eco sensors air conditioners can detect sunlight intensity in the room and reduces the waste of cooling under less sunlight conditions. Enjoy energy savings of up to 35%.

Intelligent Eco Senses
Detects human movements and reduces cooling in the unoccupied area of the room.

One Touch Auto-Comfort
Panasonic Econavi air conditioners provides one touch auto-comfort. High activity detects when the level of activity increases and automatically increases cooling power to improve comfort. It decreases the set temperature by 1 degree Celsius to improve comfort.

Nanoe-G Air Purifying System
Advance Nanoe-G air purifying system detects and deactivate harmful micro organisms by releasing e-ion to clean the surrounding air. Removes airborne dust particles from your environment.

Mild Dry Cooling
Precision temperature control helps prevent a rapid decrease in room humidity while maintaining the set temperature. It can maintain an relative humidity of up to 10% higher than regular cooling operation.

Available Models

The full range of Panasonic Econavi is available from MIFA Electronic & Refrigerator Service Centre.

  1. CS-S10NKH – Panasonic Econavi Inverter
  2. CS-S13NKH – Panasonic Econavi Inverter
  3. CS-S15NKH – Panasonic Econavi Inverter
  4. CS-S18NKH – Panasonic Econavi Inverter
  5. CS-S24NKH – Panasonic Econavi Inverter

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