Panasonic Premium Inverter Deluxe Air Conditioner

Panasonic Wall Mounted Premium Inverter Deluxe Single Split Type

  • Energy-Saving
  • Premium Inverter Deluxe air conditioner delivers up to 65% energy-saving.

  • iAutoX Function
  • Automatic high speed during start-up until it reaches pre-set temperature.

  • Nanoe-G
  • Removes airborne particles, deactivates bacteria and viruses trapped in the filter.

  • Bigger Air Flow
  • New intake grill is wider, delivering higher air flow and air volume.

  • Choose The Right Model For Your Room
  • Premium Inverter Deluxe comes in 1hp, 1.5hp, 1.75hp, 2hp, 2.5hp and 3hp.

Panasonic Premium Inverter Deluxe Wall Mounted Models:
CS-S10RKH-1, CS-S13RKH-1, CS-S15RKH-1, CS-S18RKH-1, CS-S24RKH-1, CS-S28RKH-1.