MIFA Electronic & Refrigerator Service Centre provides air-conditioning service and maintenance to all residential and commercial properties in Kota Kinabalu.

mifa aircon service

Mifa air-con service

Regular service of the air-conditioning systems used in your business and offices maintains the efficiency of the air-cons. It provides a comfortable environment for your customers and staff. In this hot climate of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, your air-con system needs to operate at its optimum to avoid putting additional stress on the cooling systems.

Service of cassette type aircon

Cassette type air-con

In addition to maintaining a comfortable environment, regular maintenance can extend the working life of your air-conditioning systems. This involves cleaning of air filters, indoor air-con unit, checking the copper pipes, drainage system, and electrical wiring. Occasionally, the air-con refrigerant gas needs to a top up.

Outdoor compressor unit

Outdoor compressor unit

A properly maintained and serviced air-conditioning system will run efficiently, and will consume less electricity than a poorly maintained air-con. A clean air-con consumes less electricity to maintain the optimum room temperature, resulting in savings for your business. The indoor unit needs to be cleaned and free of dirt and other debris from the environment. The improves air-flow, and prevent icing of the indoor unit. Regular service all also reduce blockage of the water drainage pipe, and prevents leakage.

Service of outdoor unit

Service of outdoor unit

Call us today to find out more about our service and maintenance contracts. We provide maintenance for all the air-cons we install, for both business and residential properties.

aircon maintenance

Mifa provides service and maintenance for aircons.