5 reasons why your air-con needs to be serviced on a regular basis.

Clogged Air Filters

Clogged Air Filters

1) The Air Filter
The air filter of the indoor unit needs to be cleaned or vacuumed at least once a month. A clogged filter will result in ice freezing up the coil, reduce airflow and cooling capacity. This will increase your energy consumption and in the long term will damage your air-conditioner.

Clogged Aircon

Dust and dirt trapped

2) The Indoor Coil
The coil of the indoor unit need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Dirt, dust and debris trapped inside the coil will result in the formation of ice on your coil, and your air-con will have to work much harder to keep your room cool. This increases your energy usage, makes your air-con perform inefficiently in cooling your room.

Clogged drainage pipe

Clogged water drainage outlet

3) Water Drainage
Lack of service can cause the water drainage outlet in your air-conditioner to clogged up. When this happens, the air-con will start to over-flow with water and leakage occurs. A leaking air-con is an inconvenience, and depending on where you install your air-con, can cause damage to your electronic appliance.

Aircon Gas Pipe

Damaged pipe

4) Copper Pipe
Over time, the copper pipe of the outdoor unit may get damaged due to heat and usage. This results in leakage of your refrigerant and an air-con cannot operate without refrigerant. The insulation of the cooper pipe may also need to be refurnished.

Dirty Compressor

Dirty Compressor

5) Outdoor Compressor
A dirty and clogged compressor unit will reduce the cooling power of the indoor unit, resulting in reduced cooling efficiency, and increased energy consumption. Continued operation of compressor without cleaning can damage the outdoor unit, although it may still be under warranty, you may end up with no air-con until the damaged component is replaced or repaired.

MIFA Electronic & Refrigerator Service Centre provides servicing for your air-conditioners in your residential and commercial buildings. We also offer Maintenance contract on a yearly basis, which is a service call to your premise every two months, for cleaning and checking.

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